Essay: Categories of Child Molesters

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Essay: Categories of Child Molesters

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Since they cannot stay reporting to the administrator forever, they will have to join the society one time. At this point, it is good to make the children aware of them and if possible identify them to the children. This does not guarantee 100 percentage safety for the children but at least they will be cautious in all they do near them. It is not advisable to harass them since they can sue for they have rights just like the other children. Just make sure that you are always aware of the whereabouts of the children and notify them of what to do once they face confusing situations with them.

Since the government has made sure that they have completed, their term in jail and thus paid for their crimes, they can always stay wherever they prefer. There is no way they can be isolated to live on their own since practically, there is no room for that and in fact by doing so implies lack of freedom to them. All that needs to be done is for the people to take care especially of their kids.

It should be understood that children molesters are in different categories with some more quality than others are. For the case of the 18-year-old boy who wanted to marry a 17 year old was regarded as child molester since he was over 18 while the girl was a minor. According to the ruling of the judge, he was a child molester but there is a room of doubt. Such molesters are not really child molesters and thus should not be treated hardly by the society. In fact, the father sued the boy due to hate but not because of molesting her daughter.

In the case where a man aged 45 rapes, a girl aged 15 or even less, the man should not be treated with any respect in the society. Every child should be cautioned of him and the parents protect their children from these people. It is true that irrespective of the child molest category one is, he will always be left free and back to the society once he has completed his jail term. There is no way they will be send to a place that is not a neighborhood to anyone because that place does not exist. They have to live with the rest of then society. It is the duty of the parents to protect their children by ensuring that they are always aware of where they are, and cautioned about such people. It is also can be argued that the child molesters should never be let free. Their sentence should be either a life term sentence or death sentence.

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