Essay: Categories of Bullying

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Essay: Categories of Bullying

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Bullying is also classified into two categories namely direct and indirect bullying. Indirect bullying is mainly manifested by social aggressiveness from the perpetrators. They focus mainly on using indirect confrontations such as threatening their targets with isolation from the general society (Walter, 2006, p.41). It also employs a number of techniques subtly crafted to cover up the perpetrators.

Most common of such techniques includes avoiding the targets company, frustrating any other people who may be associating with the target, spreading rumors about the targets in form of backbiting or even fabricating a lot of criticism about victims affiliations such as religion, race, tribe/ethnicity, financial status among others. According to Hazler (1996, p. 19), other forms of indirect bullying are not easily detectable but are actually very prevalent. They include behavior such as laughing anytime a target passes by without any reason, indirect mocking, saying words that may be related to certain individuals. Bullies do this with a lot of pretence that they are not referring to any specific individuals and at some point pretend to be oblivious of whether the victim is present. These subtly crafted behaviors as Hazler (1996, p. 20) describes them, are some of the most powerful techniques that bullies use in victimizing others.

Direct bullying ranges from a wide variety of physical engagements aimed at provoking or demeaning a targeted individual. Cases have been reported from around the globe where bullies beat up victims, with some going ahead to pull their hair, scratching, punching, spitting, or even stabbing which have resulting to death Hazler (1996, p. 28). Such aggressive acts may spark a confrontation where serious fights may break out. In incidences where the victims happen to be physically fit, the situation may change to hunter becoming the hunted. Therefore bullying can lead to other criminal offences mainly fighting or even murder. Other bullies may even end up displacing victim’s property and this could amount to stealing.

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