Essay: The Catcher in the Rye

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Essay: The Catcher in the Rye

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When he gets back to the dormitory his neighbor, Ackley who happens to be unhygienic and his roommate Stradlater irritate him more. Stradlater takes Holden’s ex-girlfriend, whom he still admires out for a date. When Stradlater comes back, they had up fighting after Holden wants to know whether Stradlater tried to have sex with Jane. Holden gets a blooded nose and he decides to leave Pencey three days earlier and go to Manhattan where he stays in a hotel without the knowledge of his parents.

He meets a mother of one of his fellow students on a train as he heads to New York. He knows that “this student is a true bastard” but he lies to his mother that the student is shy and obedient. (ibid 12) The character of Holden is very strange as evidenced when he calls a woman by the name of Faith Cavendish to persuade her to have sex with him although he is a minor. At Edmont Hotel, he flirts with women who are in their thirties after a waiter realizes that he is a minor and thus no drinks for him. After dancing with the beautiful one, he feels being “half in love” after seeing how well she dances.  The two women leave him to pay their bill after he lies about his age.

He remembers how he met a girl by the name of Jane Gallagher whom he met in Maine and had a few nice moments together including playing pool and holding hands while watching movies. He remembers how he kissed her whole face but she denied him her mouth and acknowledges that he was “very close to necking” her. (ibid 63) He gets a cab to take him to Ernie’s jazz club in Greenwich Village and asks the driver where the ducks of Central Park go over the winter as they are never around, a question, which irritates the driver very much. In the club, Holden meets one of his elder brother’s ex-girlfriend whereby he excuses himself and walks back to Edmont.

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