Essay: Case of Switzerland in War

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Essay: Case of Switzerland in War

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Taking into consideration the case of Switzerland, she has very volatile neighbors who have remained at war for the most of the 20th century. Swiss is unfortunate to be located in a neighborhood where national hatred is so evident with each economy replenishing its amour ready for war at the slightest provocation. However, like a well-knit family, the Swiss has remained peaceful for the last two centuries and has not been lured to any war.

Despite the hostile geographical position, Switzerland has been able to remain at peace and trade normally with its neighbors. This has not been achieved by tyranny ruler, but through selfish less leaders who have been able to formulate policies that have sealed all loopholes that can trigger war with other nations. Due the situation in Europe, Switzerland has armed herself to the tooth and has a well  trained military. The reason for armoring herself ensuring that in case of external attack, the country can protect her citizen’s infrastructure and resources.  As a result, the other countries have respected Switzerland and have a symbiotic relationship with her (Church 205-223).

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