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Indeed, the case of AbdulMutallab becomes quite relevant to this discussion with regard to the administering of his Miranda rights. As narrated by Benson (2010), AbdulMutallab had been interviewed by FBI agents before and after he was read the Miranda rights.

Prior to the administering of these rights, the suspect had been very cooperative in giving useful information to the investigators who credited the information as being vital for intelligence. However, after the suspect was read his rights, he ceased talking to the FBI agents. Despite the fact that the information he had provided earlier had been useful, the administering of the rights put a halt to further provision of important intelligence by AbdulMutallab. The circumstances of the attempted bombing had indicated that the culprit had not acted alone and without more information, it became impossible to capture other conspirators. It is true to concur that without the administration of the Miranda rights to AbdulMutallab, it would have been easier to acquire all the necessary information.

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