Essay: Career planning- psychological counseling

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Essay: Career planning- psychological counseling

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Psychology explores the human person from a human and spiritual dimension. In this light psychological counseling does not involve prescribing medicine to the client. It is true that a client suffering from chronic depression or stress may succumb to biological complications; psychological counseling may not accord sufficient help in such case. This is why clinical counseling and psychological counseling work hand in hand. The interview conducted to a clinical counselor was very interesting such that one would want to combine both clinical counseling and psychological counseling as professions.

In deed, a clinical counselor will need a psychological counselor while on the other hand a psychological counselor will need a clinical counselor. The relationship between the two is a symbiotic relationship. In this regard, counseling psychologist, by and large, serve normal individuals with diverse problems and not individuals who are severely disturbed. It was impressive when a professional specialized in counseling psychology affirmed that they are highly consulted in hospitals and community mental hospitals. This confirmed the worst fears that as a counseling psychologist one cannot have an interaction with the sick, especially by serving them in the hospital. All the same, counseling psychologist is less likely to expedite in a medical form of psychological treatment since they will focus more in solving problems and guiding on approaches to treatment.

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