Essay: Career planning for Counseling Psychology

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Essay: Career planning for Counseling Psychology

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The most preferred area of specialization is in Counseling Psychology. This typically involves guiding human beings through their growth and development. It is out of passion that this special area is chosen. Today, most people are going through turbulent moments characterized by serious loneliness and lack of self belonging because they lack somebody to share with their life problems. Indeed, sharing of such difficulties are been addressed within the context of marriage or friendship in the levels of relations or group plays mainly for teens. There is nothing fulfilling like helping other people come out of their life difficulties especially by giving them moral support. Moral support touches on an individual’s in-depth being and as such, the client experiences real peace and happiness that money cannot buy.

In counseling psychology, various techniques are used for example, interviewing and testing, in counseling people on the ways to deal with their everyday life difficulties. By so doing, they promote an integral personality and fully functioning human persons. They help the person better able to cope with major defects like stress; even to a greater extent, it is also associated with their decision-making processes. This is such a beautiful area to specialize in, very beautiful in deed and very fulfilling. In order to reach out to the people who need help and particularly psychological counseling, centers can be established in the university, hospitals, organizing seminars targeting individual and/or groups and workshops can also be used.

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