Essay: Career Plan Description

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Essay: Career Plan Description

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This paper is a concise carrier plan description with respect to counseling psychology. It explores the Carpella requirements together with a plan on how to achieve those requirements. Further to this, it also describes the requirements of the profession and the licensure modalities, again providing a plan on how to realize the objectives in this accreditation process. Counseling profession symbiotically compares with that of clinical counseling although a sharp and unique distinction exists between them.

The accreditation bodies will be explored and their role in professional counseling and especially certification and licensure. The interview with a counseling psychologist reveals that as a counseling psychologist one can work in a medical environment; this indeed is very impressive. This again raises the desire for one to specialize in the field of counseling psychology. In general, counseling psychology plays a very vital role in the communities since it guarantees brotherly help that is not easy to find from ordinary people.

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