Essay: Career opportunities in UAE-Technology

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Essay: Career opportunities in UAE-Technology

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Wealth from the oil industry has been centralized through investment and distribution in infrastructure of the nation (Stewart, 2006). Sophisticate road network has been developed throughout the Emirate State. Wealth distribution allows the citizens to access telecommunications technologies. The contest opportunities provided to graduate students majoring in computer engineering, management information systems and information technology related subjects to show their skills are beneficial and enable graduates to learn from experiences and practices.

The workshops and accreditations are beneficial to individual and institution in career development (Faculty Affairs Committee Newsletter, 2008). Center of Excellence for Applied Research and Training of the Higher Colleges of Technology is a component of multi-college network under the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in the United Arab Emirates. It is a continuing education program system which serves more than 10,000 students throughout Emirate state. They have been designed to encourage companies to develop educational tools, business models and business solutions by providing training, products and consultant services with an aim of improving the use of technology in the region (Walters and Kadragic, 2006).

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