Essay: Career Opportunities in UAE

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Essay: Career Opportunities in UAE

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The major government policy is concentration on youth development and training. The policy focuses on education training to equip with the specialized skills required in the job market. The need to crate job opportunities is urgent and high quality of education is needed for growth and development of nation. Adult education program have been established to provide opportunities to individuals who did not complete formal education to allow them acquire skills and knowledge in current job markets (Craft and El-Bassoon, 2006).

The Emiratis ministry of Labor and Social Affairs took initiative of launching a website. Website stores information on job vacancies available from private and public sectors in the country for job seekers. Potential job seekers are privileged to submit CVs and certification online. Private and public companies could also post the positions available in their offices. Emiratization policy has been introduced whereby government ministries takes gradual steps in replacing the expertise foreign employees with local Emiratis (Stewart, 2006). The career opportunities available in United Arab Emirates are:

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