Essay: Career opportunities for high school graduates in UAE

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Essay: Career opportunities for high school graduates in UAE

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Despite the free education and medical care, high paying government jobs, short working hours, lucrative pensions and inexpensive housing emirates have shown little interest in education. The young generation of Emiratis lacks motivation in the work and even in the studies even though opportunities have been presented to them (Walters and Kadragic, 2006).

Despite the fast economic growth, Emiratis nationality depends on external expertise in labor markets resulting to nationalities being minority in their own land (Stewart, 2006). This has impact on reduction of employment opportunities to locals while western culture took advantage in dominating markets and businesses (Walters and Kadragic, 2006). The United Arab Emirates is rapidly transforming from its former tribal Bedouin society state into an economic stable nation which is attractive to the world by encouraging expatriate workers (Kirdar, 2009). Educational awareness campaigns, scholarships, and Emiratization policies from federal government have encouraged women to pursue university education and seek employment from public and private sectors in recent years. The proportion of working adult women has tremendously risen up though proportion of them being involved in high level positions both in governmental institutions private sectors are low. Some institutions still restrictions some posts in regard to women employment (Kidder, 2009)

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