Essay: Capacity Development in Adult Learning

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Essay: Capacity Development in Adult Learning

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Emphasis: Emphasis is attained by focusing the attention of learners on the most important points that will be useful to make a trainee remember easily. This emphasis should be used to crucial points. Through instructors, repetition, reformulation, examples, summarizing or asking question gives emphasis to main ideas desired to be attained by use of didactic aids and exercises. This by giving more attention and time to certain concepts, it allows learners to practice and retain skills and knowledge. (Baldwin, Ford 1998: 217), state that when a trainee is not able to recall content after a training session, the content is likely to have extend the long term memory, as a result it will not be retained.

Results: Organizational training intervention aimed at capacity development should make learners feel successful after the training session and enable the employee to plan how to effect and use the skills and knowledge attained in organizational working environment. As a result this learner’s confidences in his or her ability to cope with work task to a great extend supports performance improving to an individual and organization collectively. The instructor can scaffold the trainees by keeping them informed on their progress, congratulating for good work and more accelerated by issuance of a participatory certificate to the trainees, the certificate will put employee in task of reflecting the theoretical value of certificate to practical world (Baud, Geric, 1999, p.103).

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