Essay: Candide and Cunegonde

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Essay: Candide and Cunegonde

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Candide is an unlawful nephew to German baron and he grows up at his place. He has the guidance of Pangloss, a scholar and it is through him that he learns that the world they are living in is the best as he tells him, “everything is made to serve an end, everything necessarily serves the best end” (Voltaire & Adams 2). It is at the beginning of the play that we see Candide fall in love with Cunégonde, the baron’s daughter. No one is for the idea since they do not believe in the daughter from a rich family getting married to a nobody. The baron expelling him after he finds him kissing his daughter evidences that no one supports his love affair.

Candide is thus forced to run to Holland where Jacques houses him. While still at Jacques’, he runs into Pangloss who is now deformed, it is from this man that he learns that Cunegonde together with her family have been murdered by the Bulgar army, in which Candide was a member before. Since he believes that Cunegonde is, the love of his life he does not believe Pangloss’ story but he instead remains optimistic that they will meet one day.

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