Essay: Candidates more Likely to Vote for the Politicians

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Essay: Candidates more Likely to Vote for the Politicians

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It has been argued that the candidate’s personal background highly influences his or her success (Wolfinger, et al, 1990).  As it has been noted from the studies, a candidate who comes from a wealthy background makes the voters believe that he can be highly depended on since he is not in need of money but vying to help his or her community (Lijphart, 1997). This type of candidate is likely going to win since the voters are in need of a politician who will listen and satisfy their needs including their financial needs. On the other hand, a candidate from a poor background will mean that he or she has more financial needs even than the voters. This will imply that he will have to satisfy his needs first before considering those of the voters, the society (Wolfinger, et al, 1990). This factor will make the candidate from a poor background be judged negatively and will thus loose votes. Although this type of judgment may not be correct, the voters will be guided by it and the candidates can not convince them otherwise.

It has also been noted that a person’s background is linked with intelligence and competency.  The candidates from high social class have access to more sophisticated type of education and this makes them more experienced with life matters (Highton, 1997). As a result, more voters prefer this type of candidates over those from poor backgrounds. It is argued that voters see candidates from poor backgrounds as the ones with no competency and life experience (Jankowski, 2002). This makes these types of candidates loose votes although in the reality, the candidates from poor backgrounds have more life experiences through the hardships they face (Fowler & Kam, 2007). In fact, the candidates from high social classes have exposure but they may not have the experience that can make them understand the kind of life the local citizen undergoes. Through research, it has been found that the candidates from poor backgrounds understand the local citizen more (Gelman & Teurlinckx, 2002).

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