Essay: Business Risks Faced by Kava Post Office

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Essay: Business Risks Faced by Kava Post Office

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In reference to the situation at Kava, a number of business risks will face Kava post office. The major source of these risks is caused by the natural catastrophes that include floods, oil spills, Aids and HIV, tsunami and fires among others. Kava post office must be fully equipped to overcome these obstacles. This means that any decision made must be directed towards utilizing the great opportunity at Kava Island. More so, it is important not to ignore the value Kava has to the rest of the globe.

Utilizing the opportunity at Kava Island will be a great idea for Kava post office since it is likely to operate like a monopoly besides being supported by the government of Kava. In efforts to make a strategic plan to invest in Kava, the post office must make decision of hiring most competent employees who will deliver. The post office must make use of the latest and most efficient technology that will be affordable by the post office. The post office must establish a strong organizational structure comprising of a well-structured human resources management, marketing team and use the best physical resources at Kava alongside having a good team of employees.

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