Essay: How Business Laws are different from other Legal Suites

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Essay: How Business Laws are different from other Legal Suites

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To sum up this essay paper, the matters that relates to business law are invariantly different from other legal suits. Since in business the clients or consumer is the center of the success strategy. Therefore is treated with a lot of care since he is the reason for failure or success of the business activities. Despite this significant perception of business, the essay has pointed out the basic requirements for a satisfactorily habitability of the tenants.

Then pointed out some obligations and consequences that can befall the landlord failure to comply with housing policy codes. Which give the road map for the tenants to use to attain there housing need satisfaction.  However the best way in the rental business is to have precaution measures to avoid landlord- tenant disputes.

This precaution measures are to create awareness of rights and responsibilities under federal, state, and local law of both landlord and tenants. Secondly, the terms of the lease or rental agreement must be clear and clear and open communication has a vital role to play.  The fourth and most important that can provide evidence is the storage and safeguarding the copies of any correspondence and make notes of conversations. Other methods that can help tenants solve this problem is through organizing and lobbying through tenant’s associations and improving tenant-landlord.

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