Essay: Business community-leadership styles

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Essay: Business community-leadership styles

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Surprising to my knowledge, I have come to discover through this course that there as many leadership style as there are leaders. Initially I was informed of leadership style that a leader exercises excessive power in order to gain control and manage the subjects. This autocratic leadership style whenever I was using it with little involvement and participatory dimensions from my group, many people resented or simply quit my group to other groups. As I write this reflective summary of learning, am sure that this style of being a boss in corporate world can have harmful effect to organization in terms of high levels of absenteeism and staff turnover for skilled workforce (Danny, Richard, 2005).

Fortunately, through this course I have come to realize not only are there other effective and efficient leadership styles, but I can also practice them to enhance and improve my effectiveness as an aspiring leader. In contrary to my application of autocratic style, democratic approach to leadership gives a good insight to leadership needed to motivate and satisfy the group members or team or staff (Stephen, David, Robin and Eileen 2005). But beyond that, people oriented leadership approach gives me best style to employ in leadership in my future responsibilities as a leader. This is because in my learning I have discovered that this style of leadership puts human capital at center of success strategy. Therefore, it increases job satisfaction by involving team members or employees in group or organization activities, develops people’s skills, and team members feel in control of their own destiny resulting high motivation to work hard as opposed to just financial reward.

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