Essay: Business community-influencing components

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Essay: Business community-influencing components

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Thirdly, the Influencing component enhances my capabilities to guide the activities of the organization’s members. Influencing the group members or staff is aimed at achieving group or organization goals through employing my effective communication techniques. It is through effective communication that I have understood that group or organization goals can be attained. The fourth principle that involves controlling enables me as an aspiring effective and efficient manager to ensure that things happen as planned by gathering all necessary information and measuring performance in all aspects such as assets and workforce body. In addition to that, I have agreed with various scholars that controlling is a vital part of being an effective manager and accomplishes the three other functions of manager.

Despite the skills I have attained, I can effectively communicate with good command in language both spoken and written that gives a score as an effective and efficient manager. Additionally, I have good interpersonal relation skills, result oriented, and ability to work under minimum supervision and always strive to meet my set deadlines. However, I think I need to work hard in the area of span of control and unity of command, since I have experienced difficulties in supervising more than two people in past leadership responsibilities. To sum up this reflective summary, I would like to point out that this course has been great facilitator to my professional career growth in the sense that my perception has positively changed about management concepts and their applications. Furthermore, the management knowledge and skills have informed me of how to strive to be effective and efficient manager corporate world by utilizing the principles, theories and concept learnt.

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