Essay: Burger King Corporation

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Essay: Burger King Corporation

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Its principal offices are located in Miami and it’s known in full as Burger King Corporation. It has over 3,000 outlets located in 50 states, 8 foreign nations and Puerto Rico. Its business is done primarily through franchising contributing to 80% of its income under the acronym of ‘Burger King System’ whose primary service is to offer quality and uniform food products. Its contract with its franchisors runs for a period of twenty years, which includes leasing standardized restaurant facilities from them for the same period as the contract term.

At the time of acquisition, franchisees have in their possession proprietary information on specifications, procedures, standards and methods of operating a Burger King Restaurant. In addition to all this they obtain help in advertising and market research, restaurant management that usually goes on and on for a long period of time, inventory, cost-control and accounting guidance. It is also paramount after being granted a Burger King restaurant contract that there should be submissions to the national organization’s exacting regulations any aspect of the franchise operations conceivable by the board. All these standards and regulations are imposed by the Burger King corporations from its initial convictions that “Uniformity of service, appearance, and quality of product is essential to the preservation of the Burger King image and the benefits accruing there from to both Franchisee and Franchisor”.

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