Essay: Bureaucratic structures

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Essay: Bureaucratic structures

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Various structures can be adopted under Bureaucratic systems of organizing the procedure, processes and function of the organisation. Categorically, Mintzberg describes the following basic configurations structures characterized by the importance of main coordination mechanism within the organisation. These structures are: machine bureaucracy, the adhocracy, the divisionalized form, the simple structure and the professional bureaucracy.

Professional bureaucracy usually relies on the standardization of skills and its associated design parameter, training and indoctrination for coordinating processes, procedures and functions of the organization.  Professional bureaucracy adoption for the organization involves the hiring of duly trained and indoctrinated specialists for the operating core organization activities and roles by being given a considerable control over their work. Adoption of this structure results to staff having greater autonomy and appropriate for dealing with relatively stable conditions with relatively complicated tasks. Practical application and usefulness of the structure is evident in the professional organizations like universities and hospitals where staff with key skills and abilities needs a large measure of autonomy and discretion to be effective in their work for these organizations. The fact that hierarchies are replaced by a decentralized system of authority, professional bureaucracy tends to be fairly flat. Professional training and the acceptance of key operating norms is vital tool of design in achieving integration and standardization as opposed to direct forms of control.

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