Essay: Bullying-What the victim wants

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Essay: Bullying-What the victim wants

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Most victims of bullying have reverted to revenge as the only way to console themselves (Walter, 2006, p. 36). This option has proved futile in many cases bearing in mind that victims become liable to prosecution for the same. Many community based education programs have focused on the need to use the correct legal avenues to deal with bullies. However, criminal justice systems have appeared as a letdown inhibiting any efforts to use the correct legal procedures. Victims also need protection from bullies. Authorities can only ensure this by coming up with laws aimed at apprehending culprits and fairly persecuting them. This has resulted into legislative efforts in several nations especially the US that protects vulnerable groups.

Garrett (2003, p.117) cites freedom to speak out asĀ  vital for victims of this vice. By securing such rights to express themselves, they can be able to reach out to the society and inform them about their experiences. Such efforts would obviously result into effective preventive policies against bullying. Healthy relationships between different classes of people are also very important to victims of bullying. This ensures that they do not encounter a repeat of the same incidents further worsening the situation (119). According to most victims, such relationships will help them mend the patches and be able to move on in the same environment as their offenders. Very few victims would prefer to be offered apologies over what they had been subjected to. Most of them prefer the rule of law as it is the only way that can separate them from their offenders.

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