Essay: Bulimia Nervosa

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Essay: Bulimia Nervosa

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This is an Eating disorder that is characterized by repeated episodes of binge eating by a patient, which is followed by inappropriate compensatory behaviors such as laxative misuse or self-induced vomiting. It is a serious and some times life-threatening eating disorder that affects primarily young women. Bulimics are considered to have a mental disorder. Thus Bulimia Nervosa is considered to be a psychiatric or mental disorder (Center for the Study of Anorexia and Bulimia, 2006).


The exact cause is unknown, but genetic and social factors are believed to be the possible causes. In addition to that, there appear to be family trends. Therefore if an adult within the family has got Bulimia Nervosa, there are high chances of a child within that family to develop the disorder. Despite al these possible cause, social pressure reinforced by advertisements, television programs, and motion pictures which are full of images depicting beautiful, successful women who are very thin is great cause.


It is a difficult task to diagnose Bulimia Nervosa since patients usually try very had to hide their conditions. However the sooner the disorder is diagnosed the better to treat it, thus early diagnosis is good. On this view, diagnosis is based on the two key symptoms of Bulimia Nervosa: Excessive concern about body weight along with repeated episodes of binging and purging. In addition the medical personnel need to undertake medical history, blood tests, urinalysis combined with symptoms eliminates other possibilities of similar conditions.

Treatment Options

Approach to treating Bulimia Nervosa is combination of drugs and counseling. Whereby, drugs like anti-depressants help the patient deal with her mental concerns. In terms of counseling; individual, family and group based are needed in treatment of Bulimia Nervosa. Moreover, Light therapy that uses artificial light to improve a patient’s mood is helpful, especially during winter months. Other treatment options are hydrotherapy and massage that facilitates a patient to feel better about the shape and appearance of her body (Rachel, 2002, pp. 412).

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