Essay: Buddhism Salvation

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Essay: Buddhism Salvation

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Throughout the session of worship rituals, symbols, temple geomantic structure and architecture it was a fantastic and inspiring religious experience. This experience was enriched by visit to several sections of the temple where I had an opportunity to visit the visitors training room where I was given a monk robe to change into. This was quite comical to believe and see that a Westerner trying to figure out how to put on the outfits and even more hilarious to see so foreigner dressed as a monk.

The monk’s outfits are quite different from the other devotees. Since other devotees wares kimono type costume; married woman wears a kosode which is a short-sleeved kimono, whereas a furisoda which is a long-sleeved kimono is worn by an unmarried woman. While religious footwear is the getas which is a thong-type sandal is worn with a small ankle-height cotton sock. The getas are convenient to remove before entering a temple for worship.

Furthermore I had a privilege to learn about the techniques and participated in it for about a half an hour. This was an experience that had a deep insight into my perception about religious experience and concept as it is in Christian world. For instance as opposed to Christian concept of salvation problem as sin, Buddhism salvation problem is suffering and clinging. The solution or nirvana is the detachment from those clinging and all Buddhists have a role to play in the transitory world. Unlike Christian world where the solution is in terms of heaven realms to come…

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