Essay: Brother’s Property Care Services

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Essay: Brother’s Property Care Services

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To ensure a great market share, this firm will differentiate offer fair prices and offer other services besides lawn care. These other services will include lot clearing, topsoil, gravel, pressure washing and cement finishing. Having a range of services ensures that our customer base will be broad. Electronic marketing is vital strategy in this business since globalization catalyzed by technological advancement has made E-Business inevitable. Market research and development will be carried out and the results employed lay the strategies that are imperative for the success of this firm. The marketing plan will entail personal selling by the sales personnel who will look for contracts with the tenants; there will also be online marketing and use of the mass media.

Additionally, in efforts to guarantee the success of, Brother’s Property Care Services, the firm will be managed by a group of competent professionals hired and trained by the team of experts that hires on behalf of other firms: this means that the management will be outsourced. The other employees are hired by the human resources managers and trained about the values of Brother’s Property Care Services. To ensure employee motivation and low employee turnout, the employees are handsomely rewarded and offered a number of incentives that are in form of money and non-monetary means.

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