Essay: Brother’s Property Care Services business plan

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Essay: Brother’s Property Care Services business plan

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Brother’s Property Care Services is a firm that is planning to begin to offer lawn care to the residents of Villa-West Subdivision Area. The firm will offer quality services and other subsidiary services that will enable the compounds of the residents to appear executive. This business plan explains how Brother’s Property Care Services will operate its business and the expected returns.

Lawn care is a great business opportunity at Villa-West Subdivision Area since it is a new residential area that has been developed after reclaiming the marshy land and Brother’s Property Care Services expects to earn great returns from this investment. Though currently there are no competitors, the firm, Brother’s Property Care Services (BPCS), expects to offer quality services are fair differentiated market prices and advertise its services through the local media and through billboards at the entry of every estate. Through these strategies, BPCS will emerge as the leading lawn care providers at Villa-West Subdivision Area.

The business environment is favorable and there are few legal requirements, besides, the local county offers incentives to new firms beginning business operations at Villa-West Subdivision Area. More so, there is freedom free entry and exit to firms willing to offer lawn services to the residents of Villa-West Subdivision Area, however, the competitors from other counties will be required to pay higher taxes. In order to ensure that the firm remains at a competitive advantage, an extensive market research will be carried around Villa-West Subdivision Area and the taste and preferences on the quality of services expected will be noted down.  The lawn care will be met in an affordable, timely, professional manner. To guarantee this, competent personnel will be hired and be provided with high tech machineries that employ the latest technology that ensures high degree of efficiency.

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