Essay: British goal to maintain a defensive strategy

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Essay: British goal to maintain a defensive strategy

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The British military power that was present in Canada was well trained to defend the interests of the Great Britain. But the outstanding challenge was the large numbers of the American army that outnumbered them. Empirically, statistics reveals that British regular troops present in Canada at the beginning of the war were in 6,034 soldiers, against 13,000 American soldiers which were increased to 35,000 men  with authorization by the congress. Lieutenant General Sir. George Prevost was the commander in chief of the Northern America for England was instructed to employ defensive strategy of the war against Americans. Since, it was clear that war with America was of no preference to Napoleonic war .
In addition to number deficiency to justify British engage in defensive strategy, British armies were all committed to the fighting Napoleon and peninsular as it was a priority to British than Northern America. While the Royal Navy was involved in the Europe sea blockade, the options were to protect the marine communication between Canada and Britain to facilitate supplies and weaken the American battle strengths by blockading American ports to disrupt trade and divert the attentions of war.

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