Essay: British Airways as one of the Largest Flag Carriers

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Essay: British Airways as one of the Largest Flag Carriers

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According to Gabel (1994), British Airways (BA) is one of the largest flag carrier airlines in the world established by Labour Government in 1974 through nationalisation in UK. The headquarters of BA are located in Waterside near Heathrow Airport in London.  The origin of BA is traced back to the dissolution of four major airlines Cardiff airlines, Newcastle upon Tyne, Cambrian Airways, and Northeast Airlines in same year British Airways was formed.  Moreover, the remarkable expansion was as a result of BA acquisition of Gatwick-based carrier Dan-Air and British Caledonian in 1992 and 1988 respectively. BA uses most current aircrafts in the world from Boeing, air bus and A320 Family aircraft (Gabel 1994, p.71).

BA over 150 destinations excluding subsidiaries, that earns the company substantial revenue (table.1) of over 800 million pounds that reflects complexity of workforce BA handles. Moreover, the acquisition of airlines forming the BA adds to the complexity of the human resources management approach, especially employee relationship management that coupled by strikes and disputes from different regional stores.  BA currently has employed over 3.4 million employees who need great deal of attention, since HRM is at the center of success strategy for BA. Therefore, will critically discuss how the collective employment relationship might be managed in the context of the contemporary business environment. To holistically examine this phenomenon

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