Essay: Breach of Ethical Behavior in the Workplace

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Essay: Breach of Ethical Behavior in the Workplace

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Ethical dilemmas affect managers and leaders as much as they affect followers. Another example whereby a breach of ethical behavior can cause conflict is whereby a managers, for example, is informed by a scientist working in a chemical plant that a certain chemical is yet to be approved by authorities, placing the manager at a crossroads; he has to choose between waiting for approval of the safe chemical, which would require shutting down the plant and putting hundreds of employees without work as well as threatening the company’s survival or he may choose to continue using the chemical, against regulations which provide that it should not be used until it is officially approved.  In such a case, supervisors are embracing occupation-based abilities in the knowledge of all affected fields such as understanding worker safety and environmental regulations, (Trevino & Nelson, 2010).

Creativity is another significant subject reason for conflict in the workplace. Roderick M. Kramer in Research in Organizational Behavior (2003, p. 205) has defined creativity as the “production of ideas, products or procedures that are: novel or original, and potentially relevant for or useful to the organization”. Creativity usually involves gathering information from many sources, developing extraordinary connections between the components of a problem or situation and combining these into a practical and worthy product.  One example through which creativity is a reason for conflict in the workplace is because when employees come up with innovative ideas, such ideas may conflict with the norm of the organization (Kramer, 2003, pp 205-206).

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