Essay: Brand Image of Domino’s Pizza Inc

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Essay: Brand Image of Domino’s Pizza Inc

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It is evident at this point that Domino’s Pizza Inc. has a good brand image, which is one of its strongest points. In addition, the company has had a good history despite a few lawsuits and criticisms on taste as mentioned above. Domino’s advertising strategies are quite effective and have worked to improve the sales of the company as well as its competitiveness in the market.

However, the company faces major threats that might put the future of the company to dire test. The socio-cultural changes that continue to occur in the world today require that the company make rapid changes and continuous monitoring of the lifestyles of the people in various parts of the world: especially where they operate. There level of competition in the fast food industry is growing stronger by day and maintaining loyal customers is the ultimate strategy for any business in the industry today.

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