Essay: What the boy in the Araby sees

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Essay: What the boy in the Araby sees

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In the Araby story the boy who is the narrator in the story, is infatuated by Mangan’s sister such that he wants to be close to her at every opportunity. As Mangan’s sister stands at the door waiting for her brother the narrator would admire the dress she is wearing in the light of their house. He would also stand at the railings to watch her dress and her hair. He always made sure that he was watching her as she came out of their house on the way to school.  He would follow his friend’s sister on the way to school in order to be in a position to admire her body but would bypass her before she reaches where their ways parted. He just wanted to admire her body.

When the two last speak the boy realizes that a silver bracelet which she was rotating at her wrist. The boy is also able to see the hem of a petticoat through the aid of a lamp that is which was situated opposite the boy’s door. That night the boy keeps on seeing her image through imagination. At the bazaar at the Araby the boy sees a young lady who is standing talking with two young boys. He even notices some big flower vases which he compares to soldiers from the east.

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