Essay: Boomer Residence and the Coonley House

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Essay: Boomer Residence and the Coonley House

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Two buildings in which to base Lloyd’s architect work are the Boomer Residence and the Coonley House. Boomer Residence is a house that was built in 1953 and is located at Phoenix in Arizona. It is a small cottage house build with rubble-stone masonry with wood. It is a single person house and is compacted into two stories with a central chimney outlet. The wall is made up of desert rubble-stone combined with horizontal sheathing of wood especially in the balcony of the bedroom. Although located in a desert, it looks north and thus the opposite direction of the desert sun.

Boomer Residence is of modern style with its form reflecting its function. As the designer, Lloyd, puts it, its main intention was make the occupant feel the space within it and relate it with the reality. This is exactly what one gets from the house for it is able to pass the liberation message of space-to-space. The setting of the building is very cool and quiet. The wooden walls especially near the bedroom make the house comfortable to live. Even though it is located in a desert, it is designed in such a way that one is not able to face the sun (Frampton 147).

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