Essay: The book Road Through The Rain Forest review

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Essay: The book Road Through The Rain Forest review

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The book Road Through The Rain Forest :Living Anthropology in Highland Papua New Guinea by  David M. Hayano actually  occurred in Highland of Papua Guinea at a remote village where the Awa people lived in the remote slopes of the rainforest practicing subsistence farming that comprised of pig farming and growing root crops. In every setting, there exist problems that the people of a certain location must face and the Awa people are not exceptional. Much of the problems are catalyzed by the inevitable globalization that brings about cultural changes. More so, just like in any ordinary society, the Awa people  there are incidences of adultery, unexpected deaths, witchcraft, selfishness, interpersonal disputes among many other issues.

As changes occur in that society, they patiently but unsure about the results of construction of a road that will connect them with the civilized world. The civilized world includes connecting this society to the schools, banking systems, trading stores and government institutions among many other amenities. In the process of undergoing this civilization, Hayano, an anthropologists, who comes learns about his profession and its requirements that involves understanding himself and then understanding the others.  This novel revolves around the actual fieldwork carried out by Hayano among a people who have a very distinct and diverse culture. This is about a long live of disaster and misery, and optimism and promise.  Though this book is unique and diverse, this essay focuses on the economic and cultural transformation of highland Papua New Guinea in the wake of its recent incorporation into the global market economy.

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