Essay: Blood Disease-Pernicious anemia

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Essay: Blood Disease-Pernicious anemia

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This condition is also known as juvenile/congenital pernicious, macrocytic achylic or vitamin B12 deficiency. Failure by the gastrointestinal tract to absorb vitamin B12 means that there will be low production of red blood cells and thus inefficient transport of oxygen to the body cells .

The disease can be inherited as an autosomal recessive disorder where both parents are carriers of a defunct chromosome. To supplement vitamin B12 with foods such as meat and milk help control this condition though people who completely follow vegetarian diet are likely to suffer more. Self-destruction of (autoimmunity) of gastric parietal cells, intrinsic factor (a protein needed to promote absorption of vitamin B12) and atrophic gastric mucosa could lead to this. In the USA, 399,455 were having this disease in 1996, approximately 1 in 680 or 0.15%.The table below shows prevalence by region and country for North America.

Country/Region Prevalence/number of cases
USA 431,257
Canada 47,740
Mexico 154,1142

Table i; occurrence of pernicious anemia in North America by region and country. (Takafun, M, et al. vol. 14 p. 3386-3390)

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