Essay: Blood Disease-Leukemia

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Essay: Blood Disease-Leukemia

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This is a cancer of the blood indicated by an increase in immature leukocytes (white blood cells). These immature white blood cells from the bone marrow and lymph outnumber the production of normal cells, compromising the ability to fight diseases. (Journal of clinical oncology, Vol.1, pp. 1-6.)  This also lowers production of red blood cells and therefore oxygen transport. If not controlled, they spill into the blood and end up destroying other parts of the body. Symptoms include weight loss, blood in stools and urine. ( Gyan et al., 2010, p.4).

It is similar to histiocystosis a where white blood cells over multiply and kill other vital body organs. In the US, 259,889 people are living with this disease with 43,050 news cases likely to emerge in 2010. Older adults are most affected at 66 yrs and above. Adults are more affected with about 39,000 adults and 3,317 children aged between 0-14 years. 31% of cancers in children aged 0-14 years are leukemia. By gender, males accounted for about 57% of new cases in 2010.Whites are more affected compared to other race as shown in the table below in 2010/2011 studies;

Whites 12.9
Asian and pacific islanders 7.2
American Indians/Alaskan natives 6.5

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