Essay: Blood Disease-Hyperglycemia (Diabetes mellitus)

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Essay: Blood Disease-Hyperglycemia (Diabetes mellitus)

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This is a disease considered as the initial stage of diabetes mellitus. It refers to an abnormal increase in blood sugars. It results from breakdown of bodies’ regulation in sugar metabolism due to deficiency in a hormone called insulin that promotes sugar storage into the liver and removal from the blood. Glucose accumulates in the blood and when this is constant, it leads to clinical symptoms of diabetes such as blurred vision and thirst. Numbness, and a tingling effect is felt and this is due to its effect on the nervous system. It leads to a comma and eventually death. Causes of this disease include emotional stress, injury, eating excess sugar foods just to mention but a few.

In the US 17.9 million people have diabetes, with one in every 400-600 20 year olds having type 1 diabetes This is shown in the table below;

Class/group Available figures 11.2% of total cases
2.women 10.2% of total cases
3.under 20 years 0.22%(186,300)
4.over 20 years 10.7%(23.5 million)
5.over 60 years 12.2 million
6.prediabetic 57 million
7.not affected 5.7 million

Table iv; occurrence of diabetes in the USA in different groups. (Mark,  J et al vol. 40 p.30)

Prevalence of by country gave the following prevalence in 2010 for 5 continents;

Country India USA China Indonesia China
Prevalence in millions 79.4 30.3 42.3 21.3 8.9

Table v: Shows number of people affected by diabetes in different countries. Soucie, MJ,  Evatt,  B, Jackson D,1998  (p 270-286)

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