Essay: Black Slaves

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Essay: Black Slaves

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The fact that the black slaves had to carry out any form of tasks is a proof that they did not have rights or power. Brent argues that to be a slave meant “to be entirely unprotected by law or custom; to have the laws reduce you to the condition of a chattel, entirely subject to the will of another” (Jacobs 86). This implies that a slave was not protected by the law nut indeed the law was meant to harm and hurt him or her. The female slaves were raped by their masters, impregnated and had to take the role of taking care of their children as both the father and mother figures. To crown it all, no female slave was allowed to disclose to his child his or her white father.

This implies that the children as well did not have rights to know their real fathers but had to hear it through rumors. There were circumstances in which the harsh punishments were administered by less strong masters comparing them to their slaves but since they did not have power of their masters, they could do nothing. It is notable that in most of the situations, very harsh punishments were administered without enough reasons and this really degraded the slaves who had no power over these actions.Further, after the slaves were whipped brutally, they had to keep it as a secret since otherwise, “they were tied up to the public whipping post, and cruelly scourged for telling lies about white men” (Jacobs 99). This was very cruel and no slave could do anything to counteract this because of lack of power. The whipping post was a nightmare for the happenings over there are not worthy remembering. There were blood pools, murdered children, and hounds who were trained on how to kill among others (114).

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