Essay: Black feminism leadership

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Essay: Black feminism leadership

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A look at black feminist leadership showcases the presence of ideal leadership in African American women. This precedence is made a reality through their responsibility of ensuring that they create opportunities for change for the benefit of those to whom they serve. Black feminist leaders endeavor to motivate fellow black women to create favorable conditions for the success of their fight against gender and racial oppression. In igniting the women’s desire for change and success these leaders are able to empower them in mighty and fundamental ways.

Regardless of fellow women’s social classes, black feminist leaders are brought together by their affiliations of gender and race and take up their struggles as they would their very own. Clearly, this is the kind of leader who would apply the same principles in modern day organizational leadership. The capacity to influence employees or followers and to motivate them in achieving their goals cannot be underestimated when it comes to African American women leadership. The same applies to leadership in the twenty first century where globalization requires the presence of authoritative figures that are capable of affecting change and instilling development at the same time.

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