Essay: Biology questions

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Essay: Biology questions

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1. Human resources are considered more important than natural resources in determining the future of a country because they can be modified through education and training. This ensures that they become better than before and thus of more help. While the natural resources are being depleted, human resources are advancing in skills due to advanced education.

2. Population stabilization in China can be done through statistics in which the head of family planning has set goals and targets. Effectiveness will be done by comparing the reality with the desired and the percentage deviation is efficiency. Factors such as economics, education, culture and religion will be accounted for by conducting research and analyzing the data.

3. Ecologists reintroduced wolves to Yellow-stone Park because they had stopped behaving like wild elk and lost their main predator. They turned to being less cautious over-browsing streamside vegetation and thus highly affecting cold-water fish, songbirds and beavers. The reintroduction of these wolves to Yellow-stone Park has ensured ecological boon.

4. Biodiversity refers to the variations of different forms of life within the whole earth or just a specific biome or ecosystem. The main types of biodiversity types essential in preserving ecological systems and functions are genetic, species and ecological diversities.

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