Essay: Biological Trait Theories

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Essay: Biological Trait Theories

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Biological Trait Theories focus on the criminal’s biological domain in attempt to explain crime. Reiss, (1993) indicates that there is a relationship between Biochemical conditions of the body and crime of rape. For instance over or undersupply of chemical and mineral compounds in the body, poor dietary and habits or low blood glucose level (Hypoglycemia) (Sanders, 1983, p. 71);  results to depression, mania, cognitive problems, poor or memory loss, violence, abnormal sexual behavior, antisocial behaviors which can be translated to crime of rape.

Furthermore, various research indicate that abnormal sex hormonal levels (androgens and testosterone) in males results to drive for sex that causes aggressive behavior towards women to get sexual satisfaction. This is especially; when there is high level of androgen hormone level that is associated with increased stimulation and quest for thrills among men. While for women PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome) is linked to aggression in females.

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