Essay: Biggest Challenges to sub-saharan-Africa

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Essay: Biggest Challenges to sub-saharan-Africa

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This will comprise of a brief introduction the research topic, which is about millennium development goals. The section will also pose questions that will act as guideline to answer the problem. These questions will include: What efforts have sub-Saharan Africa put in trying to achieve these goals? What makes the region remain behind in moving towards attaining these goals? Does the international community have any stake in derailing sub-Saharan Africa? What progress have been made and in what period? These questions will help in guiding the research.

The research will also aim at attaining the following objectives of carrying this research in terms of:

  • To ascertain the extent to which sub-Saharan Africa has moved towards achieving these goals.
  • To uncover various challenges encountered by Sub-African countries.

To establish possible remedial measures these countries should embrace.

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