Essay: How Beverages can effect Tooth Enamel

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Essay: How Beverages can effect Tooth Enamel

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It was observed the Vickers hardness decreased on the both enamels after they were exposed in the non-alcoholic drinks. The longer the enamels were left in the beverages the greater the decrease in Vickers harness was observed. This shows that continuous exposure of one’s teeth to the said acids through drinking these beverages regularly goes a long way in determining the extent of the damage to the enamel. The use of tea and coffee showed no significant change in the Vickers hardness probably because of the less acidity in the beverages. Teeth exposed in tea and coffee for twelve hours or  showed a change in their colour.

Micrographs taken from the exposed enamel showed that enamel prisms on the surface had become more defined because of minerals on the surfaces off the samples dissolving in the acids present in the Coca-Cola and orange beverages. The micrographs were taken before the samples were dipped in the beverages and after. Cracks that were evident before exposing the samples to the non-alcoholic drinks began to disappear after sometime, an evidence of erosion.  Exposure to the alcoholic did not show any significant change in the structural formula of the adult enamel.

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