Essay: Benefits of Technology

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Essay: Benefits of Technology

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Technology involves the use of techniques that make the live easier for man. Technology affects all the aspects of human kind. From the prehistoric period during the invention of fire along with the development of the wheel which increased mobility between one place to another. The recent technological development includes the printers, telephones and the computer. The technological developments have positive and negative impacts on the human life. The technological development has made life easier in a variety of ways. It has also posed risks to the human kind.

Besides the technology being a key driver to the communication between people of different regions, the present technology has made the globe a village since one in one remote area of the globe can communicate with the others by a click. Through the continuous technological innovations and inventions, the latest computer technology has improved efficiency in live. The computer development has also brought about many challenges in the human kind. Though technological development affects all the aspects of the human kind, this essay focuses on the effect of the technology on education, industry and medicine. Although there have been may arguments about the positive and the negative impacts of technology, technology changes the world for the best.

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