Essay: Benefits of Studying Abroad

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Essay: Benefits of Studying Abroad

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Studying abroad has more advantages compared to the disadvantages. It incorporates new ideas from different places into a society. People learn new ways of doing things thus being able to solve problems in a simpler manner. It is also evident that many people prefer studying abroad. Most them believe that education in advanced countries is better compared to developing countries. However, this is not the case for those countries with exchange programmes for their students. Studying abroad is very costly and many people cannot afford. The immediate effects are emotional shock that comes because of a sudden separation from of those we love (Cressey, 2004 p.97).

People should embrace importation positive moral values. This is because incorporation of new systems that have been applied in other countries has been known to work.

Before one is granted an opportunity to study in a foreign country, one is subjected to critical scrutiny including undergoing medical examinations, security proof, and any other specified requirements. This adds a burden to the students since they require money to undergo (Cressey 2004 P.74). This has made international education little bit complicated and tire sum to secure.

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