Essay: Benefits of the PRINCE 2 method

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Essay: Benefits of the PRINCE 2 method

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Another benefit of the PRINCE 2 method of managing projects is that regardless of the project scale, complexity, geography or culture, or whether it is part of a program or is being managed as a stand-alone project, the full PRINCE2 methodology is applied each and every time.

In contrast to other approaches to project management, another key benefit of PRINCE2 is that, it may be applied to all projects. Certain other methodologies like DSDM, for example, are only applicable for IT projects; or techniques such as PMBoK (details described above) which can tell a project manager what has to be done – but not how it can be done. This is certainly helpful to new or inexperienced project managers who may lack experience and a sense of direction, therefore making it difficult to obtain the wanted outcome. (Garton, Colleen 2009, pp. 521-528)

Finally since the methodology is applicable all kinds and sizes of projects having PRINCE2 available publicly, allows easy access to organizations for intellectual capital tools, documentation and processes.

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