Essay: Benefits of Digital technology

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Essay: Benefits of Digital technology

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As it has been noticed, over the last decade that the internet provides the individual with gateway to an enormous pool of information of all kinds, from text to photographs to music to audiovisual works. Furthermore, digital technology also gives the individual the capability to become an author by producing and distributing his or her own work.

As often is the case writers and authors cannot find the owner of a particular work that they would like to use or reference. This usually brings into question the debate revolving around “orphaned works”. Orphaned works usually have no author associated with them or the author can’t be found.

A much talked about premise given for dealing with these kinds of works, is that since the author didn’t really care or make the effort of properly associating himself or herself with this work, it would okay to use their work without proper permission. This of course is in the larger interest of the public, since not using this work might just deprive the public of useful productive information.

A practical solution to this problem could be collective licensing. With the help of collective licensing authors can be given an effective system to get permission for using these works.  The Copyright office of the United States government has launched an initiative for dealing with these Orphaned works. With the help of this initiative the Copyright office intends to establish the depth and extent of the issue and what subsequent legal or statutory measures could be taken to resolve this matter.

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