Essay: Benefits of biometrics

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Essay: Benefits of biometrics

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  • Fingerprint biometrics also holds an advantage over other methods because its roots involve people classifying fingerprints manually. Therefore, fingerprint imaging is easier to verify in court, for example, because an expert could concur with the match of fingerprint biometrics software.

  • Iris scan’s product works by taking an image of a pattern in a person’s iris, encoding the image and storing it. While there is no physical contact between the person and the camera recording the image, a person must look in the direction of the camera for a couple of seconds and stand three to 36 inches from the camera. This accounts for some miscalculation in the output.
  • The advantages of using fingerprints include widespread public acceptance, convenience, and reliability. It takes little time and effort to acquire one’s fingerprint with a fingerprint identification device, and so fingerprint recognition is considered among the least intrusive of all biometric verification techniques. Fingerprints have been used so extensively and for so long, there is a great accumulation of scientific data supporting the idea that no two fingerprints are alike.

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