Essay: Beneficial aspects of PRINCE2

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Essay: Beneficial aspects of PRINCE2

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Secondly it is important to remember that PRINCE2 is a project management template while project management in real life encounters many out of the box scenarios and issues that might not fit the description in the template. Resolving these issues will once again significant administration and management. ( Dow, William 2009, pp. 455-463)

One of the most beneficial aspects of PRINCE2’s is its structured and controlled approach towards project management. At times however, this becomes it’s greatest drawback as well. As mentioned above “no two projects” are ever same in nature, even if they happen to have the same dynamics and variable. Each project is different in its own way and will always involve a certain degree of uncertainty. To counter this uncertainty and make the project successful Project Managers and team members need to show a certain level of flexibility and adaptability. PRINCE2 unfortunately, is limited to being an inflexible approach, and it can be said that this rigidity confines the capability of the project manager in being handle the frequently changing environment. (Garton, Colleen 2009, pp. 571-574)

In addition to this, as with any structured approach, the PRINCE2 methodology requires multiple phase gate reviews or different approvals at various milestones during project implementation. Keeping in line with the control aspect this policy can work well.

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