Essay: Battle of Midway

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Essay: Battle of Midway

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After defeating Hitler, the US now focused on Japan who had won most of battles easily. After establishing a base in China, the US and the Allied forces could easily bomb the mainland Japan. Japan had established several bases at Guam, Hong Kong, Burma, Thailand, Burma among others, however its is the Battle of Midway changed the success of the Japan forces using the B-29 superfortress fleet.

Further, the American and allied forces based their naval force at strategic islands that Japan had not occupied. This pacific war is referred to as the largest naval conflict and though the US had decided to invade the mainland of Japan and compel the Japan forces to surrender unreservedly, the death of the US president on 1945, April 12 was a turning point for the US forces. Immediately Truman was sworn as the president, he all allowed the US army to use nuclear weapon to end the war after a long debate. This resulted to the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki on August 6 and 9th 1945 respectively and the Japanese forces surrendered.

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