Essay: Basis of decision regarding nature of crime

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Essay: Basis of decision regarding nature of crime

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Then, decisions regarding the nature of crime need toe based upon a clear understanding of various intricate and augmenting factors that contribute to the same. Theoretical studies indicate that crime needs to be accorded a multi faceted approach. Understanding all the factors that contribute to crime would ensure that a sustainable solution to the same is reached at (Naffine, 1996: 88). Thus biological, economic, social, environmental and political factors need to be analyzed accordingly. In addition, evaluation and investigation of crime should not be influenced by societal stereotypes.

In order to enhance gender equity in the media industry, it is imperative to review the content of the video games. In particular, measures need to be undertaken to incorporate female themes in the same. This will ensure that women also participate in the same accordingly. In addition, Burgess et al (2007: 430) indicates that themes related to violence and war need to be minimized. Rather, themes that uphold societal values such as honesty, love, and peace and responsibility should be explored. Alternatively, violent characters in the video games need to be punished, rather than rewarded. Psychological studies ascertain that this measure would enable the video gamers to dislike violence and take up viable values.

Then, parents should ensure that child exposure to video games is generally decreased. Instead, other viable options such as interactive play, creative pursuits, sports and reading should be explored. In cases where this can not be attained, symptoms of aggressive behavior should be identified in a timely manner and interventions made accordingly. Notably, implementation of these recommendations can only be achieved if various stakeholders that include parents, political leaders, policy makers, children, medical practitioners and officials in the criminal justice system pool their efforts together and collaborate accordingly.

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