Essay: Basic Terminologies of Soccer

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Essay: Basic Terminologies of Soccer

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It is imperative for all the stakeholders in soccer to understand certain terminologies that are very much important and thus ensure that proper communication in the pitch. These terminologies includes; kick off, throw in, penalty kick, corner kick, direct kick, indirect kick, goal kick, indirect kick, drop ball, ball to hand and the many signs that the referee and the assisting referees uses besides the colors of the cards in case of a foul.

Penalty and the issuing of the red card is a decision made by the referee with assistance of the assisting referees. These are issued upon a foul being committed depending with the intensity if of the foul and position where it was committed.

Currently soccer competitions are held internationally and domestically with the FIFA organizing the world cup which is the largest soccer tournament. The domestic games are organized by individual countries. The largest domestic leagues includes the English premier league, La Liga and Seria A among others.

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